New Zealand Import Process

If you want to buy a car from our stock just send us an inquiry regarding the vehicle. We will issue you a proforma invoice and reserve the vehicle for you. You will have 5 days to send us 30% of the total cost. After receiving your payment we will prepare all the documents and ship the car as soon as possible.
If you decide to buy from auction you will first have to do a deposit of 1,000 USD to start bidding. If one of your bids is successful you will then buy the car. We will issue a proforma invoice that will include all FOB costs (inland transportation, documents and shipping) and you will have 5 days to send us 30% of the total cost. After receiving payments we will start shipping the car.
After you purchase a vehicle from stock or from auction, this vehicle is transported to the yard of the shipping company you chose to deliver the car to New Zealand. But before it can be shipped into a vessel for New Zealand, it will go through the following inspections: Each inspection is required for importing a vehicle into New Zealand. The whole inspection process takes on average 48h depending of the inspection company. After the inspection you will get a report document from the inspection company, telling you if the vehicle passed the inspection or failed. This report will also tell you if there is any issue with the vehicle that need to be fixed in order to get the MR2A (vehicle registration document) in New Zealand.
If the vehicle passed the inspection and you decide to continue the import process, then the vehicle will go through the Japanese customs and be shipped into a vessel. This will happen 2 days before the Estimated Date of Departure (ETD). During the transport, we will prepare the documents you will need to go through the compliance center and customs in New Zealand, including:
  • The bill of Ladding (B/L): it is the document you need to retrieve your car from the freight company;
  • The export certification: this document is necessary for the New Zealand customs and compliance center;
Before sending documents we will require you to pay the remaining 70% of the total invoice. Only after receiving the last payment part we will send you the documents.
When the car arrived in New Zealand the shipping company will clear the car and pay the customs.
You will then have to present the B/L to the shipping company and pay them for the freight and the clearance of the car. After payment is done, the car will be delivered to the compliance center where it will be inspected.
After compliance inspection 2 results are possible:
  • The vehicle passed the inspection successfully in the compliance center and it will be issued a MR2A document. This document will allow you to register the car in New Zealand
  • The vehicle didn’t pass the inspection and need some repairs: then the compliance center will issue you a repair certification and the car will be sent to a repair shop to do necessary repairs. After being fixed the car will go through compliance center again.
After getting the MR2A document you can retrieve your car from the compliance center. The import process is over.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you want to import a vehicle in New Zealand, thsi vehicle should fulfill the following conditions:
  • Not be older than 20 years
  • Chassis number first part should start with 3 digits
  • For 4WD SUV, car should be equiped with ESC (Electronic Stability Control)
  • Respect the Vehicle Exhaust Emissions Rules
Yes you can import low down cars. But we will charge you an extra charge for the inland transportation of the vehicle. This fee will depend of the auction location and the size of the car.